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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  June 18, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. you kn see much like> this, it's a humid start to your tuesday. good morning, i'm sara simmons.. i'm wisdom martin. martin it's time to talk about the humidity, i have the air-conditioner, and the blower, too. yeah, i was hot. hot. >> did it cool you off at all?l? >> just a little bit tucker.. >> wisdom it's time you steppedd into my world. yes, it's been like that since early march for me. >> really. >> yes, indeed, we have a lot of humidity, very warm temperatures, we're in the mid-70s to start your day in in reagan national.national. cloud cover and eventually some rainshowers, not a lot going onn in the satellite-radar,telte-rad generally cloud cover, the green you see has freon south and west whether you got watches in southwest, virginia, and a a little system is going toing to
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develop to the west. west that is going to bring us a a chance of shower storms, kind of a cloudy day, highs 80 or so, so maybe in the low 80s, a good god chance of showers and storms later today. current temperature is 75 degrees, 75, 72 at bwi marshall. 68 at dulles, very warm to starr your day. da back to you at the desk. thank you, tucker. we begin this morning with a deadly bombing at the capital of afghanistan this has this comes on the same day the national coalition hands over thever the responsibility to afghan forces the blast is in the western part of kabul, and killed at least three people at the ceremony attended by the nato chief and afghan hamid ha karzai. karzai he did survive the attack. also in the news this morning,m, the federal government has seized the franchise rights of
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ten, 7-eleven stores in new york, and stores in virginia. it comes after illegal practices of owners and managers. 7-eleven inc. says it has taken stock and hold. >> reporter: 7-eleven store managers in new york and virginia have landed themselvesv in trouble with the law. they made millions by serving up more just big gulp and slurpees. >> the franchise owners we charged were involved in a a pattern of stolen identities,ti, false information submitted to the pay roll providers and the exploitation of imgrant illegall workforce that they sought out t and employed. >> reporter: nine owners and managers have been taken into custody. federal indictments charge that since 2000 they employed 50 immigrants who didn't have
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permission to be in the u.s. u. they tried to conceal it by by stealing the identity of two two dozen people and submitting the information to the 7-eleven pay roll department. de >> it's troubling and mostst concerning because it's not limited to a single 7-eleven franchise, they started more than 40 7-eleven franchises in 7 states to collect data on their employees. >> reporter: some are stunned by the federal probe. >> it's terrible. it's i come here every day. i know all the people who work here. he it's crazy. >> reporter: charges include wire fraud conspiracy, identityy theft and alien harboring. they face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. ainsley earnhardt, fox 5 news. .
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it would ban all abortionsos after 2 20 weeks of pregnancy. the bill is expected to pass the house, but the democratic senate is expected to ignore it. the legislation infringes on a woman's reproductive laws. they have signed a program m to expand the women's combatcomt roles in the military. women must be able to meet the h same physical and mental mental standards as men to qualify for those certain roles.. women account for 14% of the more than 1 million active service personnel. nearly 300,000 women have been sent to serve in iraq and afghanistan. we still have plenty ahead,h the weather, traffic, and top stories.ies. >> fox 5 morning news startsewsa right now. good morning to you, liveu,i look outside, time is 4:30 on this tuesday, it's
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june 18th, 2013, a warm wa start to your day, the question is, what is it going to be like for rest of the day.e day. we will get an insight into thah for just a second. good morning, thanks for waking up with us, i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> let's welcome tucker barnes here with the jacket off. >> the question is how can wisdom and i be looking so good in our blue ties. ties. >> you look so very nice. >> you missed out. >> i know, i didn't get the memo. >> it's just a blue tie romance >> wait until you see the my my blue jacket. let's get to the maps, warm, humid it's going to be a stickyy day, not a ter plea hot at a, we will get up in the 80s for the e hot cover.t cover. it's going to feet ho get hot o. 72 degrees, i they have like itt when the temperature fails to
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get below 70, it feels very tropical out there. there looking at the satellite-radar,e looking at the eastern, kentucky. we are not going to get all of that, but we are going to geto e the cloud cover, some of thatat shower activity will get in here. we will see showers and storms develop along an area of low pressure and along an old front. we have a better chance of showers and storms than we had yesterday. bring an umbrella here, it's not going to rain all day, at leastt the possibility of showers andd storms with highs in the low 80s, right now it's 76, and an it's going to be 81, not a big i warm up from here. >> is it after today that itthat kind of changes? change >> tomorrow gets better, and byy thursday and friday much per. >> i have more than that. that. >> i was wondering. wondering. >> already living for theg for e weekend. >> let's check in with juliejule wright and get the latest on traffic. always living for the weekend, julie wright. >> reporter: absolutely, iabso mean, that is what it's all
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about. quiet this morning, coming outct of germantown headed toward the split, no issues reported foredo folks headed toward the america legion bridge, light trafficc volume as you continue from montgomery county headed toward fairfax.x. coming from the north toll roadd toward 70, overnightnight construction should be clearedho ofulf of 95 as you work your way northbound, leaving dumfries, 6f is this food shape as you continue northbound from viennan no issues to report continuing edsall road and out to street. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. the pig story we'restory following this morning, nsa chief general keith alexander is set to testify at the house intelligence committee. commi this could shed new light on to the extent of government surveillance. >> meanwhile the man who leaked that information, defended himself on a live web cast. cast the truth will come out whetherr he is jailed or killed. kill
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the session was sponsored by the guardian. it's the same newspaper thatapet broke the story. president obama failed to to fulfill his promises of endingng security abuse. abuse. they are expected to issue a statement on talks of syria ria civil war. r. the subject of syria has been aa top issue at the meeting. meet they agree that something shoule be done to stop the killing but putin and allies are not supporting the position off arming the rebels. all of the g-8 leaders support a round of peace talks in gene ge, supporters of the state requirement claims striking itt down will only decrease voter vo faith in the system this. could impact several other states hadd a have similar requirements on the books. books.
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the blooming daleale neighborhood is on the edge after a woman was attacked on on her way home. karen houston spoke with thethe woman but did not want to go on camera but is warning others too be careful. >> reporter: the woman in her e 20s was walking home with her hr pike on adam's street not farr from north capital. capital. she is so upset about the assault that she has written on in a neighborhood blog. blog a man walked behind her, wrapped his arm around her, and gann jabbing her with a sharp object. >> it's awful when somebody is going home on their pike and they get attacked, especially a woman. >> reporter: jennifer simpson is a long time resident ofof pluming dale.uming dale she wa pluming dale. blooming dale.dale. she was pleased to hear that thh police responded in two minutese
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>> i i was value of victim of a carjacking and it took them twom hours to respond. >> reporter: they didn't ask as for money. she screamed. no one we spoke to heard anything but they're aware of of crime down the area. >> when we first moved, some guu down the street was held at gun point. >> reporter: this pastis p weekend police werelice investigating a double shooting around the corner on first and n faith street, and owners say say there's been several robberies this year.this >> the nice thing about the th community is they tend to pullo together after things like this. it's unusual to see some kind of collective action, community walks to kind of promote a a collective sense of safety. >> reporter: he too, says police patrol regularly and heae thinks mpt is doing a good job. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. the victim has lived in thee pluming dalblooming dale area, a
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year, she generally feels safe but should have been vigilant. she warns others to be careful u when they're walking home late e at night inside this happened ae the skyline towers apartments. one man who lives in the complee says he heard gun shots and ad a woman screaming before 10:00 yesterday morning. police believe a man shot a woman ask thewoman and then him names have not been state body workers found thh body in the median. median the victims could not stay on the scene and an autopsy wouldod be conducted to determine how he died. police at this point are working to identify the man. straight ahead, hundreds off metro riders denied access withi their cards, and we will tellill you who was affected and why.wh. which airline are you flying for summer vacation, how they fair in a new satisfactory
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report coming up next. pla 
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some students had to spendde fare on topnt of the card. the problem was identified by 9:00. students who's chars were chargt a refund. refund a new survey suggests the nation's teacher training trai programs do not prepare future teachers for the classroom. the review for the nationalnatil council on teacher quality sayss teachers are not adequately trained to handle the diversitye inside of schools. that includes socio and economic changes. some say the teacher prep program should be made hard tore feet into.feet however the american fed federa
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of teachers says there should be a more consistent approach to to prepare those teachers. airlines improve customer ive satisfaction in the u.s. for a second straight year.nd strai the ghmost recent hike went from 66 to 69 on a 100 point scale.e. discount jet lines jet blue scored above 80. 80 despite the trend up the numbers are considered pretty dismal. only subscription t.v. andand internet providers ranked lower out of 83 industries they were e this year. it shows you where they are on the >> at the very bottom.bottom. they're coming up. it looks good that they are coming up. up >> they have nowhere to go butt up. >> a blast from the past when aa designer take these pictures and fuses them together, modern modn celebrities with the historic figures. >> support continues to pull in how a local jewelry store is raising money
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first let's check in with tucker. humid rain in store. stor showers a possibility, i would suggest an umbrella for laterlla this i will have a look at thee weather.weat julie will have traffic, too coming up in a couple of minutes. plap 
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♪ ♪ ♪ the man in the mirror. mirror. >> michael jackson this mornings looking at the man in the mirror, all right, the time is 4:44. here say question for you. what do you get when you pair y the faces of modern celebritiese from those from another era. for some the reseem plans isis jusresemblance is justuncanny. it's the face of kate middletone the duchess of came bridge fused with the partnerships diana. kate is in color, and princess diana is in plaque and white. here is the leader of malcom x, and obama. i see more in that one than thee last one. last we have a photo collection.o this one shows legendary rock 'n' roll star elvis presley and pop star actor justin tim per
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timberlake. we are not impressed are we. he wanted to showcase, figuressh of the past and now in a fun way. people are creative. c >> the elvis one, yeah i likelie that the others -- like the princess diana one, it didn't look likel there was much of kate middleton at all. all. >> have fun with that. >> all right, tucker. tucker. meanwhile the weather iswhih going to be warme and humid out there to start your at a. later this afternoon a a decent chance of showers, i think many will see the shower, maybe ae a thunderstorm as we have an area of low pressure passing to the south, kind unusual to see an to area of low pressure this strong sometime summer season. sum we don't typically see this. pobottom line bring an umbrella. and the warm temperatures whichs we mention -- wisdom mentioned he had the air-conditioning the- fan and some sort of blowing
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mechanism. >> he had a lot going on in than last night. >> i was the only one at home.he >> that shouldn't stop you. >> share your hotness.tness. >> that's when i share my air-conditioning. 75 at washington. that is pretty warm at 4:45 in the morning. annapolis, you're 75 degrees, 72 in leonardtown.ardtow better northwest, and martinsburg 67 and, 66 in culpeper and winchester. we start talking about the dew point temperatures and when youo get into 70, it's an an uncomfortable dewpoint. dewpoin. above 65 and you really start tt feel it. at 70 we're certainly unconfidentable. 68 the tou point in leonardtowno and frederick.ederick. looking at satellite-radar, wewe have had showers already early this morning nearnear charlottesville and to the south and west in virginia. virg and they got flood issues, flood watches and warnings, you canng
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see all the cloud have moved in overnight. mostly cloudy to start the at a. here is the storm system, yousy can see and feel it north andno west of knoxville, that will bee pushing to south later today but it will drag cloud cover and rainshowers close to theowers cl washington area.washin thatgt is why we have thewe havt possibility of showers andy of s storms in the forecast laterlatr today. i certainly would bring annumbr principle a if you're out and b ready for some showers, -- annum principle a and be you're out to be ready for some showers. sh june scattered showers and storms inn the back forecast. fore better chancer than yesterday, be ready out there. not expecting any severe weather today. storms continue for the evening hour, 63, that's better than we are had morning. mo we're more comfortable. there's at cue weather, seven-day forecast. mostly cloudy tomorrow, 81 with1 a front moving to the south.he we will have clouds and showers
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around, thursday and friday looks fantastic.s low to mid-80s, summertime summi arrives early friday morning. we're going to heat it up near 90 by the weekend, however, wehe should be nice and dry, thee weekend will be great foregoing to the pool that kind of thing. >> it will be a humid 90 but not a wet 90.t >> unless you're at the pool. >> then it will be a wet 90. wet >> good point, wisdom. >> let's check in with julie. hi julie.hi >> reporter: you got your noodles, the floaties for the pool.pool. >> oh my gosh. >> you need float easy at the th pool. >> reporter: i can't swim. >> oh, you can't. >> reporter: no. no. >> it's less work either way, ii will get my noodles thisthis weekend. >> reporter: all right, on the beltway at 4:14. i can't believe wisdom didn'twi know what that was, he has got kids. at beltway 4:14. traveling from to the wilsonlson bridge, light traffic volumetrf
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with no issues to report as youu travel between austin hill and alexandria. overnight work will be cleared, southbound 270, still an easy an drive for folks coming out of germantown headed toward thewart split, no issues to report as re you continue across the american legion bridge. bridge. for thoak folks headed inbound, northbound 95, easy going fromgr wood bridge headed towardward newington. you will find light traffictrafc volume, leaving the beltway continuing out of the 14th street bridge and inbound new york avenue, no issues to report, leaving bladensburg roa and toward the tunnel. that's a check of fox 5 on timei traffic. a virginia jewelry store iss trying to raise money for the alexandria police officer who shot in the line of duty.linef >> she is selling pendants inndn the shape of police badges. the proceeds will depo to help peter laboy. he was shot in the head during traffic stop.traffic stop the idea to make pendants camen
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from a friend who works withrks crime victims.ims. >> she said it would be really l nice to make a badge or or something just sort of give us a reminder of it. so we had -- i found a catalogue that has damages in it and we had his nickname superman put on it. >> the pen gaunt pendants cost n $48 and the store has sold 25 so far. how early are your kids getting up for school. the new step a local county is taking to make sure that teenager are getting enough sleep.p. we also will meet a mom who is spearheading the efforts on the other side of the break. 
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she was at home with thewit time with a newborn and wondere what the kids were doing outside. >> i hoped that the change woulh be in place by the time my kids would be in high school. >> reporter: hold is that newborn. >> the newborn is now 20. >> reporter: sleep in fairfaxix hoping to influence the school system to let older kids sleep in. she feels so strongly about it, she has made it her licenselicee plate. she is pleased that they have hired national center the visioi of sleep medicine to develop a blueprint for change. ch move high schools this fair taxx county start at 7:20 a.m. 7: the school board as already alry passed a resolution, saying ito would like to push that forwardd a chief a starachieve a start tf
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8:00 a.m. or even later.ter. dr. owens is' developmentdevelom alpediatricians who wilalpediatt adolescence needs more sleep. >> you see at puberty there's a profound sleep in a person's pes natural sleep cycle. cycle. going to sleep at before 11:00 p.m. becomes difficult, later start time boosts academics, health and even safety. >> from suicide thoughts tothous improvement on academicademic performance, to improvement in standardized tests, to lowerlowr rates of tardiness, and drop out rates to decreased car crashes, you know, it's just very, veryvy compelling. >> reporter: the evidencethe ee shows when start time changes, n kids still depo t go to bed at e time. in other words, they get more
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sleep. >> the change can be expensiveee especially when altering buster schedule but the momentum is shifting toward sleeping >> reporter: fox 5 news. >> all right a controversial bal on the table in south americaera where lawmakers are looking to o promote the bond between mother and child. plus there's a recent rent spotlight on bullying, new research suggests that you mayyo want to reexamine the relationship between your children. the time is 4:55. enough about the book, i wawant to hear about your da.
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in the news this morning, a baby bottle ban in ve sensoul vs encouraging breast feeding. fe companies that market formula
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and promote bottle feeding have come between the mother and and child crucial bond. that ruling is expected to come today.toda bullying by siblings is is often overlooked. a survey found that sibling pulleying cabullying can lead ts pay attention to how yourur children interact, that is crucial to make sure thate sure everything is kosher in what ist going on with the children. >> in this video there's no sibling rivalry, just good old fashion fun.faion take a look at these boys getting a kick out of a rubber band. [ laughter ] >> only kids were so easy to entertain like that.
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>> the adorable video was posted on you tube, the twins, watch the rubber bands and the cabinea door knobs. it looks like they could spend a few bucks on the expensive toys. >> i for like 45 seconds and then it's on to something else.g >> they will move on.ove all right, that is cute. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and top stories. >> fox 5 morning news continues. good morning, coming up on n 5:00 right now and look, the sue is just trying to come up. lighten up the skies just a bita out there, it should be a decent start. the day is going to be a humid one. good morning, everyone, i'm sarah simmons. si >> i'm wisdom martin, time to talk weather and tucker barnes. i was going to say a lot off warmth, the mid 70s that isth here in the city. >> already.


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